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Below are some of our important policies. Paper copies of policies are available on request, please email admin@st-charles.hull.sch.uk or contact the school office.

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Whistleblowing Staff code of conduct Safer Recruitment Positive Hand Admissions Policy 2018-2019 Anti Bullying Child Protection Attendance Induction Intimate Care Procedure Draft Behaviour Policy 2018 Admissions Policy 2017-2018 Acceptable Use Policy 16-18 Bomb Procedures 16-18 Charging Policy 16-18 St Cuthbert's Trust Complaints Policy 2017 E Safety Internet Access Policy 2016-18 LAC Non Negotiables code of Practices 2016-17 Presentation Policy 2016 Staff Code Of Conduct Policy 16-18 Supporting Pupils at School with Medical Conditions Teaching & Learning Policy 2016-17 Young Carers Policy 16-18 Academy Admissions Policy 2019 2020 Disability Equality Policy Prevent Duty & FGM Statement