Essential Information: 

All uniform with the school logo is available online at www.csenterprises.co.uk. Other items such as polo shirts, trousers or PE kit are easily available at shops and supermarkets. 

Everyday uniform
School sweatshirt (burgundy) or school cardigan (burgundy) 
Polo-shirt (gold)
Trousers, skirt or pinafore (grey) 

Black shoes only (trainers are not permitted except for PE)

Grey or black socks or tights

PE kit

T-shirt (white)
Shorts (black)
Jogging bottoms can be worn for outside sports during cooler weather. 

We want your children to be safe and comfortable at school and we want them to be able to have fun and run around at playtime. Shoes should be black and flat and should fit well to the foot eg lace-up shoes or velcro-fasten. All children will need to bring sand-shoes for indoor PE. Trainers can be worn for sport and PE outside. 

Other Information

​Jewellery must no be warn except stud only earrings (one in each ear and must be removed for PE) and plain watches. Long hair must be tied back and no Jo Jo Bows or unusual or different coloured clothing items are permitted.


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