Cartoon of child attending St Charles Primary School Cartoon of child attending St Charles Primary School

Year 1

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What is your classroom like?

In Year 1 we are very lucky to have an inside classroom and an outside classroom. We have writing, maths and investigation areas where we can practice all the skills we have be learning. We also have reading areas where we can sit and share books with our friends as well as practice our green and red words from Read Write Inc.

We are at the very end of the school nearest the Key Stage One playground. On the playground we have lots of colourful markings so that we can play games with our friends and a lovely tyre park and trim trail for us to climb and explore.

Who works here?

Our Year 1 Teacher is Miss Blacksell and our Teaching Assistant is Mrs Reeve. They are always there to help us throughout the day.

What do we do in Year 1?

Every morning we practice our green and red words to help us with our reading. Then we go to our Read Write Inc groups to practice our reading and writing.

Year 1 practice their handwriting and boxing clever every day and try to use this in all the writing we do in school.

We enjoy going to the hall for collective worship each day and join the rest of our school family in listening to stories about Jesus, celebrating through songs and hymns or having special visitors to talk to us.

After break each day, we do maths, when we practice basic skills in Big Maths as well as learn new skills and strategies to help us with real life problems.

Year 1 do PE on a Monday and Thursday but we like to have our PE kits in school every day just in case we can the chance to do some extra activities or in case we have a special PE visitor in school.

For more information about what we learn about in Year 1, see the attached curriculum map at the bottom of the page.

What subjects does your year group cover?

In Year 1, we follow the National Curriculum and use the International Primary Curriculum Topics to help us do this. This year, Year 1 will be learning about living and non-living things, materials and their properties and about the seasons.

For more information on what we will be learning about see our curriculum map.

What can Year 1 children do at home to help their school work?

In Year 1, we have ‘Learn Its’ every week in maths to help us with our counting. We have sounds and words to practice in our reading and can try to write these in sentences to help us with the spelling. Sometimes we have homework linked to other areas of the curriculum and we always like to share any practice or research we have done at home to help us with our learning.