Cartoon of child attending St Charles Primary School Cartoon of child attending St Charles Primary School

Year 4

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Who works here?

Our teachers are Mrs Wormleighton and Miss Mercer, we are very lucky to have 2 teachers in Year 4. Our Teaching Assistant is Mrs Kunysz who helps us in the classroom.

What is your classroom like?

The Year 4 classroom is at the end of the corridor near the Computer Suite. If we look out of our windows, we can often see squirrels climbing in the trees.

We are very lucky in Year 4, as our classroom was decorated over the summer and we have brand new furniture. You’ll know you are in Year 4 if you can see our fantastic purple chairs!

In the classroom, we have a reading area with beanbags and cushions, where we can research things to do with our topic or choose one of the books from our bookshelf to read. We have lots of displays showing off the great work we have done, and with information on to help us with our learning. We have 2 computers in the classroom which we also use to help us with our work.

We also use the outside areas to learn. We have an outdoor classroom, and use the playground and the large field as well.

What do we do in Year 4?

In the morning, we go to our literacy groups, which are either in our classroom or the Year 3 classroom. Here, we practice our spelling and handwriting before learning lots about different types of writing, and often using our reading skills as well. We love learning different sentence types and often like to challenge ourselves to see how many we can use!

Next, we do Guided Reading. We especially like going on Bug Club during Guided Reading, but like reading with an adult as well, so we can show how much we know about books.

After this, we go to the hall for collective worship with the rest of our school. We often listen to stories about Jesus and sing songs together.

It is then playtime, and after this, we do numeracy. We go in different groups again to help us learn the best that we can. We do Big Maths, where we like to see how fast we can answer questions, and then enjoy using equipment like numicon to help us solve tricky problems!

In the afternoon, we do lots of different subjects, like RE, topic, Computing, PE and French. We do PE on Thursdays and Fridays.

What subjects does your year group cover?

In Year 4, we follow the National Curriculum and use the International Primary Curriculum Topics to help us do this. Before half term, we learnt all about Dinosaurs, and now our topic is Ancient Egpyt. After Christmas, are doing lots of science, which we are really looking forward to.

What can Year 4 children do at home to help their school work?

We can practise our reading and our maths at home to help us. Reading our reading book with an adult, or going on Bug Club both help us. It doesn’t have to be the whole book – just a few pages. We can also practise our maths ‘Learn Its’: we need to know these as fast as we can say our name. We get either maths or literacy homework every week.