Cartoon of child attending St Charles Primary School Cartoon of child attending St Charles Primary School

Year 6

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KCOM Simnet Challenge
KCOM Simnet Challenge
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Who works here?

Our Teacher in Year 6 is Mr Harris and our Teaching Assistants are Mrs Crummay and Mrs Marshall. They are very helpful all the time.

What is your classroom like?

In Year 6 we have a lovely sunny classroom. We have a reading area where we can choose a variety of interesting books to read on many different topics. We also have a research area where we can look up things we want to find out about in a book or on a computer. We find this really helpful in all our work. We have an outdoor classroom that we can use near the field. We also have tables outside our window that we can use when we are doing outdoor learning.

We are at the end of the school near the Key Stage Two playground. On the playground there are games marked out that we can play with our friends. We also have a trim trail and a tyre park to play on. There is a football pitch where we can play friendly matches with children from this and other schools.

What do we do in Year 6?

Every morning we practice our handwriting. After that we go to our literacy groups. We learn about different authors and genres. We do a variety of writing for different purposes and from different points of view. We always try hard to use what we learn in our writing in our science, RE and topic work that we do in an afternoon.

We do guided reading where we have the chance to study interesting fiction and non-fiction books by a variety of authors. We really enjoy going on Bug Club where we can do some extra reading, and earn “bug parts” to unlock extra games and activities.

Each day we go to the hall for collective worship. We pray and learn about Jesus and how we can follow his example in our lives. We celebrate by singing songs. We sometimes have special visitors who tell us about their work. They give us the chance to help them by raising money or collecting items to help people.

After break each day, we do maths, when we practice basic skills in Big Maths as well as learn new skills and strategies to help us with real life problems.

RE is an important part of our curriculum as we are a Roman Catholic School. We follow the Come and See programme of study which helps us to learn about Jesus and how we can use his teachings to form good relationships with others and take care of our world.

We enjoy doing PE on Thursday in the hall. We have our PE kits in school everyday so that we can do other activities on any other day like playing hockey, football, netball and rounders. We enjoy athletics activities, gymnastics and dance.

What subjects does your year group cover?

In Year 6 we follow the National Curriculum and use the International Primary Curriculum Topics to help us do this. This year, Year 6 will be learning about the Romans, our Solar System, living organisms and their habitats, materials and their properties and the human body.

What can Year 6 children do at home to help their school work?

In Year 6, we have ‘Learn Its’ every week in maths to help us with our numbers and calculations. We can use Bug Club at home to help us to practice our reading. We can go on Mathletics to give us the chance to work on our Numeracy skills and practice our times tables. We have other homework which is based on the work that we do in class to help us to consolidate our learning.