Ethos and Values

The school aims to create an environment which:

• Develops Catholic teaching, traditions and liturgical practice.
• Deepens and advances the Christian commitment of those entrusted to its care.

The teaching and practice of the Catholic faith for its pupils and staff are fundamental to the life of the school and we work in conjunction with Catholic parents to help fulfil their duties and obligations to the Catholic faith. All rites and ceremonies are of the Roman Catholic Church.

The school supports the Government’s aim to ensure that every child has the right to fulfil their potential. We aim to implement the outcomes of the ‘Every Child Matters’ strategy by recognizing that all children have the right to be healthy, safe, to achieve and to make a positive contribution to the community and to their own economic well-being. As a school, we provide a service to ensure these outcomes but we also have more targeted services for those with additional needs.

Living our gospel values of love, kindness, charity and forgiveness is at the heart if all that we do in school and promotes an environment where everyone feels welcomed, safe, loved and valued. We are committed to inspiring children to have high aspirations in all areas of life, whilst celebrating what makes them unique.