Special Educational Needs (SEN)

Our SENCO is Mrs E Blacksell.

The progress of all pupils is monitored regularly by class/subject teachers and the senior leadership team, so that when a pupil is not making expected progress in a particular area of learning the school can quickly identify the need for additional support. This will then be discussed with parents/carers and the pupil concerned.

If parents/carers have concerns about the progress or attainment of their child they should in the first instance make an appointment to speak to the class teacher to discuss their concerns, who will then liaise with our Special Needs Coordinator (SENCO) as appropriate who will contact you if applicable to further discuss your concerns. 

St. Charles’ has a clear referral process to help children with additional needs. This could be at any point throughout the year. 

Following a cause for concern, pupils who are not making progress through the graduated approach may be further assessed by external agencies, such as the Educational Psychologist, IPASS, Northcott Outreach, Whitehouse Outreach and the Speech and Language Therapy Service. 

Baseline assessments are carried out as all children enter FS1 and FS2. Reading tests are used to assess children. We have a range of diagnostic tests to help us to further identify pupils’ needs. Recommendations are put in place following assessments carried out by outside agencies.

Our school is committed to nurturing children and trying to ensure that they make the best possible progress to achieve their full potential. 

Please find below a report on our policy for pupils with SEN and how we put the policy into effect.

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