Cartoon of child attending St Charles Primary School Cartoon of child attending St Charles Primary School

Year 1

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What is your classroom like?

Year 1 is a welcoming, fun and exciting place to learn and build friendships. Our bright and warm classroom is located at the very end of the school nearest the Key Stage 1 playground and next to year 2. Children in Year 1 have ownership of the space which is filled with their fantastic work on every wall and window! We have a very open space and a large carpet area for children to sit and feel comfortable, and a huge interactive white board to aide children’s learning. 

The reading area is decorated as a forest and with a comfy seating area so the children can feel relaxed whilst they get lost in their favourite books. The children love their classroom, keep it tidy and look after the equipment.


Which adults are in the class?

In year 1 we are very lucky to have three adults in the class. Miss Hastings, Mrs Reeve and Mrs McKie are always on hand to help the children make the most of their God given talents and be the best they can be. Mrs McKie loves art and crafts and is fantastic at bringing the children’s creative side out. Mrs Reeve enjoys teaching phonics and hearing the children read. Miss Hastings loves teaching writing and loves getting to know each child’s individual personality. Every adults who works in Year 1 wants the children to feel respected and valued, and, because of this together we have some amazing days learning and creating fabulous memories.  Our school mission statement is to Learn, Love and Share and in our class, we ensure everyone lives out those values. 

What do we do in Year 1?

As well as collective worship children learn the skills of reading, writing and maths in our morning sessions. During the afternoon we have RE, theme, Science, PE and handwriting lessons- a packed day! Every day the children brush their teeth after a healthy school lunch and spend quality time together playing outside with their friends skipping, playing football, drawing and much more!

What can you do to help your child?

Reading at home and completing any homework will always be a huge help towards your child’s education. We advise each child reads at home for 5-10 minutes every day, don’t forget to write this in your child’s reading record. Talk to your child, tell them stories and play with them. Great social interaction at home will help children develop at school.

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