Cartoon of child attending St Charles Primary School Cartoon of child attending St Charles Primary School

Year 3

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Who works here?

Our Teacher is Mrs Woodmansey, Teach First candidate is Miss Dearing and our Teaching Assistant is Mrs Young. They are friendly and always there for us when we need them.

What is your classroom like?

The Year 3 classroom is in the middle of the school, and is just through the doors of the Reception area. The windows of the classroom look out on to the front of the school and we can see some of the school garden and allotments.

Over the Summer holidays our old cloakroom disappeared and we now have our coats and bags in the classroom. This is much better for us as it makes it really easy to look after our things and keep our coats and bags neat and tidy. The school’s new fantastic reading village is outside our classroom and we love going in there to get cosy and explore a new book.   

What do we do in Year 3?

At the start of the day we self register as we come into class to let the adults know that we are here and what we are doing for our lunch. We also sign in on the Dojos to make sure we are ready to earn points for all the fantastic things we do. During this time we explore the word of the day, which we try and use in our work over the day. Why don’t you challenge us to use it in a sentence when we get home?

After registration time the whole school gathers in the hall for Collective Worship. This is a really special time and we love coming together as a school family to praise God.

Our first lesson of the day is guided reading. During this, we have ready sections of our class test and discuss it. We are reading detectives and like to really understand all the clues the author gives us! We then have English. In this, we practice our writing skills through writing in different genres in both fiction and non-fiction.

After break time we have Maths. We learn about all the four operations and do lots of reasoning and problem solving to help us practice our new skills. There are practical resources to help us if we get stuck. On a Friday we do a Big Maths speed test, and every week we try to better our score.

In the afternoon, we do lots of different subjects, like RE, topic, Computing, PE and French. We do PE on Tuesday and Fridays.

What subjects does your year group cover?

In Year 3, we follow the National Curriculum. We cover lots of exciting topics and over the year in our science learn all about light, rocks, forces and magnets as well as plants and animals.See our Year 3 curriculum newsletter below to find out more!

In RE over the year we learn about Baptism, Advent, Lent, Easter and Pentecost. We also learn about how Jewish people pray in a Synagogue and Muslims pray in a Mosque.

What can Year 3 children do at home to help their school work?

We can practise our reading and our maths at home to help us. Reading our reading book with an adult really helps us. It doesn’t have to be the whole book – just a few pages. We can also practise our maths ‘Learn Its’: we need to know these as fast as we can say our name. The multiplications we will be focusing on this year will be the 3,4 and 8 timetables.

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