Cartoon of child attending St Charles Primary School Cartoon of child attending St Charles Primary School

Year 4

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Who works here?

The class Teacher is Miss Thompson and our Teaching Assistant is Miss Marshall.

What is your classroom like?

Our classroom, in year 4, is a safe space where everyone can have the opportunity to learn. We have interactive working walls up for every subject, so the children can access any of the relevant information about the topic we are currently studying and take control of their own learning.

We have a topic board up which changes with every term when we begin looking at a different topic. Throughout the year we will divulge in chocolate, march with the Romans, work with the Victorians, explore the Amazon, inspect the art work of famous artists, and go fishing into the history of the local trawler men.

We also have an ever changing RE wall where children can come and see more information to help their work, or have a special moment with their own thoughts and prayers.

We have a happy and welcoming atmosphere in the room to anybody who may visit. We also like hard work and teamwork in the classroom to be able to become the best version of ourselves that we can possibly be.

Learning in Year 4


Across year 4 we learn a whole range of different subjects such as RE, English, Maths, Guided reading, Science, Topic, Spelling and PE.

As a Catholic school our faith is at the heart of all we do, say and learn. Taking time out of our day to spend time being closer to God through liturgies, praying and collective worships.

We follow the Talk for Writing scheme in English, which allows us to access writing in a more interactive way through creating story maps and learning stories through actions. We also follow the Read, Write Inc scheme for spelling, so children can learn spellings and techniques through lots of different activities.

In maths we follow the White Rose Maths Hub which covers all of the curriculum including multiplication and division, fractions, decimals, percentages and area.

We have some exciting things happening in year 4, such as trips to museums to help support our learning, RE days which consist of different activities, and taking part in school productions.


What can the Year 4 children do at home to help their school work?

It is really important to practice our times tables in Year 4, this helps us in all areas of maths that we cover. Reading either our school reading book or a book from the library will also help us. 

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