Cartoon of child attending St Charles Primary School Cartoon of child attending St Charles Primary School

Year 6

KCOM Simnet Challenge
KCOM Simnet Challenge
KCOM Simnet Challenge
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Who works here?

Our class Teacher in Year 6 is Mr Foster, and on Thursdays we have Ms McGowan.

What is your classroom like?

Our classroom is ever changing. It can be a place of group debate, discussion and role play or a place of silence, reverence and prayer. It is a place where we feel safe, challenged and supported. We challenge one another to be the best and use the working walls to display our learning. We are proud of our work, which is displayed around the classroom for everyone to celebrate. We challenge ourselves to keep a tidy classroom and we enjoy receiving Dojo Points for having a clear work space.

Learning in Year 6

We love a challenge! Learning in Year 6 can be tricky but we enjoy rising to the challenge. We follow the national curriculum and enjoy a variety of approaches to learning to support our kinaesthetic, auditory, visual and verbal learning styles. 

RE is an important part of our curriculum as we are a Roman Catholic School. We follow the Come and See programme of study which helps us to learn about Jesus and how we can use his teachings to form good relationships with others and take care of our world. This is, after all, our mission. 

This year, Year 6 will be learning about The City of Culture, electricity, living organisms and their habitats, materials and their properties and the human body.

Please see our current curriculum newsletter below.

What can the Year 6 children do at home to help their school work?

We have SATS booster guides to support our preparation for the statutory tests in May. This will also prepare us for the increased homework given out at secondary school. 

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